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Final Piece Magazine Cover: Process

Below are the screenshots taken during the production of my magazine cover for my final piece. Click on each image to see a description.


Eye Photo Modification

This is the original image that i worked with. Click on each edit in the gallery below to read more on what i did.

Si Scott

Si Scott is a UK based Graphic Designer and Illustrator. Primarily focusing on hand-drawn art.

Below is a gallery of some of Si Scott’s images, click on each to see more written about them


I have decided to go with the topic of forgotten for my exam piece. The area of graphic design that i would most like to work in is magazine cover design, so i plan to create a magazine cover with the topic of forgotten.

The word ‘Forgotten’ is literally defined as something that is disregarded, not noticed inadvertently. This means that i am looking at things that were once known or thought about but are now disregarded and ignored. An example of this is an old toy that you once played with but now is never used.

I will list as many possible options as i can and expand on my favourites;

  • A campaign for missing children
  • Restoration of derelict buildings
  • Providing care for the homeless
  • Litter campaign
  • War memorial for a forgotten war
  • Advert for old peoples home
  • Restoring old technology
  • Retro things (Video games, board games etc)
  • Bringing back an old style (70’s dress style)
  • Campaign for people forgetting to keep fit

Perhaps a fitness magazine, an advert for a local gym, flyers for group classes (such as group running). Nutrition/ supplement ads, campaign for healthy eating.

  • Disease/ disaster forgotten
  • Forgotten environmental issues (Deforestation, global warming, co2 emissions etc)


For my exam i was given the task of selecting a topic and creating anything within graphic design that satisfied the requirements for the topic chosen. There were 14 choices in total, each with interesting, random and unusual topics. I will review each topic and write possible ideas for each topic.

The possible areas within graphic design that i can create are;

Poster, CD cover, DVD Case, Movie Trailer, Magazine Cover, Box(product) packaging, Flyer, Logo Design,  Sign, Bilboard, Stickers, Website Design, Business Card and Corporate Identity.

I would most like  to create a magazine cover, however depending on the topic i  may choose something more suitable.


1. Driving

Car Advert Poster, Drink Driving campaign, safe driving campaign, green driving (eco), drinking driving packaging, car magazine cover or an event for some sort of race such as Nascar/ F1/ Rally etc.

2.Fish ‘n’ Chips

Advertise Chip shop, Fishing tackle shop, computer chip advert, fish flavoured chips advert (unique), chip shop sign/logo, natural and manmade, biological and technological, changing or some sort of fish food packaging.


The definition of composing is to make or form by combining things, parts or elements. This means that my original ideas of orchestra’s and performances are not the only thing i could do. Collections of images,  designs are possible.

Orchestra concert advert, concert players flyer, collection of images etc

4. Clutter

Marketing campaign for charity shops, garden sale, garage sale, city layout, litter campaign, psychologist advert, cluttered streets, cleaner advert, antique shops,storage solutions, glory in clutter, collages and layers planet cluttered or eco campaign.

5. Musician

Band, CD Covers, posters, festival advert, maksim mrvca ad, music, piano concert, orchestra advert, college music club advert or a charity concert.

6. Garniture

Garden Furniture, decoration/embellishment or garnish, food garnish, decorator advert, landscaper advert, cherry on top, gardener, accessories/bracelets, garden tv show advert, advertise a public place such as a park/ castle etc.

7. Forgotten

Homeless, litter, abandoned pet campaign, dead, war memorial, elderley, old peoples home, old technology, retro things, old games(super mario bros), lost children, lost awareness, disease/ disaster forgotten, environmental issue, rubbish concern, restoring old buildings, bringing back something old, a new 70’s style or derelict buildings.

8. Identify a local boundary

England/ wales border, rural/urban unity, boundary between people, indoors/outdoors, smokers boundary, no smoking sign,  or a social boundary awareness.

9. Capture a slice of life

Any element of life, jobs, journeys, seaons, holiday brochures, trip, life in a day (youtube project), job centre advert, the homeless or a 24 day in photos would be cool.

10. Explore another time/ another place

Past, historical places, castles, future (global warming), foreign lands, some cultures are like another era/ another world.

11. Twists and turns

Roads, maze advert, driving, self help, twists of the mind, twisty foods, slinky, spiral staircase advert, sport promotion, advertise  a company for twirls (chocolate).

12. Address Joblessness

Job centre campaign, soup kitchen flyer, magazine article on the homeless, helping others, useless objects.

13. Investigate fanciful habitats

Fancy themes, excentric interior designs,  interior design magazine, over the top home designs, exterior designs (house with incredible structure), home advert, hotel advert, animal habitats.

14. Record a twilight event

Sun setting, animal magazine cover, nature, evening meal advert, evening criminal awareness, evening restaurant advert, light on water, moonlight, romance, night out.

David Carson

David Carson is an american graphic designer, best known for his innovative magazine design and use of experimental Typography. Carson was one of the, if not the, most influential graphic designer of the 90’s. In particular, his widely used grunge typography era. David Carson specialises in Typography art however also has done a lot of alternative advert designs. Carson currently resides in New York owning 2 studios. Carson has been featured on countless magazines such as ‘Transworld Skateboarding’ and ‘Beach Cultures’. Carson primarily focuses on altering size, colour, tone and orientation of text in order to make each design unique and his own.

Below is a gallery of some of David Carsons work, click on each to see more information on them.

Location Photo’s

Below are photographs i have taken around the college for prospective locations for certain shots within my trailer.

Photo Manipulation: Merging Photos

Merging photos is one area of photo manipulation where you take two images, one may be a texture and the other a photo of an object. Then you can merge the two to give the impression of the object having the texture.

I am going to experiment with an image and a texture.

Here is a texture of some rocks from google images











Here is a photo of a tree branch from google images








I am going to merge the two to give the tree branch the effect of looking like its made from rocks.

First, i put both images in a single photoshop file under different layers, next i duplicated the layer of the tree branch and one of the tree branch layers i removed the background, so that only the tree can be seen.








Next i pasted the rock texture over this layer and used the layer manipulation ‘overlay’ which gave this effect:








Finally i placed the green background back in, this is the final image;

Photo Manipulation

A large part of my Poster development will involve photo manipulation, as the primary ideas that i currently have will require a lot of photo manipulation.

Photo manipulation is the editing of photographs/images to make them look how you would like to. For example you may manipulate a photo to make a person look skinner, remove blemishes or even completely change certain aspects, like giving a piece of fruit a mouth!

In order to create the apple with a mouth, i took two images from ‘Google Images’. One of a red apple and one a mouth with red lipstick.

First, i cropped around the mouth, as i didnt need the skin around it.

Next, i altered the colour of the mouth via the Hue/Saturation Editor. I did this to make the mouth more like the colour of the apple.

Then i resized the mouth and placed it onto the apple.

Finally i drew some of the apples spots on, blurred around the mouth to make it blend better between the two and i also altered the saturation of the mouth where the light hit the apple.

So where the apple is lighter i selected that area on the mouth and lowered the saturation.


PLEASE NOTE: The images i used in this experimentation were dragged in from photoshop as i was creating it. It wasnt until i published it that i realised that they were not valid image types, so subsequently this post does not have any working images. However here is an image of the final piece.











Apple with mouth finished version