Si Scott » Screen shot 2011-02-14 at 14.58.17

This is another commissioned piece by Si Scott for Coco Cola. Here Coca-Cola appears to have gone off on a different note by instead of advertising its traditional Cola has decided to advertise its other drinks products containing fruit, by the looks of this advert, some of apple flavoured product. Scott’s use of colours is perfect, limiting the entire design to red and green representing most apples. Once again, his unique style has been used and looks very professional. The target audience is people who enjoy apple flavoured drinks, but really its aimed at everyone as coca cola’s products appeal to all ages. The use of his curves and lines have been used to outline the shape of an apple at the top then shape it down into a heart and then at the bottom into a drop of liquid. It’s very obvious that this is an apple because of the traditional apple leaves at the top where the fruit dips in.
Personally i think this design is excellent, well coloured and shaped. The use of the slogan A loved fruit loves you back is also very clever as it suggest that the fruit they use is well looked after and therefore will be more tasty.


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