Si Scott » Screen shot 2011-02-14 at 14.57.44

This is a commissioned piece by Si Scott for the massive company, Adidas. Adidas specialises in sports gear, mainly shoes and football gear. This design follows Scott’s typical hand drawn illustration style and has been done very well. The main image is that of the Adidas logo however it has been modified with extra lines coming off of it and with the 3 horizontal lines coming in from the left. This design is aimed at Adidas’ target audience which is young men and children with an interest in sports. I think that this design would appeal to the target audience as it is a cool design and looks interesting. The use of colours is very good in my opinion, the design looks very good with the simple use of blue and white.
Personally i really enjoy Scott’s design and find that he has done an excellent job here, the design is simple yet intricate and definitely has Scott’s unique twist on it.


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