Si Scott » Screen shot 2011-02-14 at 14.57.09

This is a commissioned piece for Alfa Romeo by Si Scott. Here Scott has created an interesting design composing of many strands, which appear to be roads, and lines. This is a very implicit design as the only clue as to what this is about is the fact that the lines are made up of roads. Layout is interesting as the primary image has been placed off to the left and the lines that carry on off the image. The lines all put together appear to form a ‘traditional’ heart with several roads coming off of it, this is an interesting way of combining love/ kindness/ care etc with the company Alfa Romeo which may be their way of branching out to a wider audience (perhaps mothers who want a car for their child).
Personally i find this design to be very interesting, however due to its implicity it is difficult to tell what its about. Also it takes a while to spot that the main image is actually a heart made up of roads.


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