Si Scott » Screen shot 2011-02-14 at 14.55.56

This is Si Scott’s design for Hanne Hukkleberg Cast Anchor CD Cover. Si has created a powerful title here by using simple lettering and expanding on it with line strokes, curves and dots. There are few ‘hard’ lines, the majority of them are soft curved lines with small ‘comma-like’ balls on the end. The layout is well placed, main text in the centre filling rest of page. The space is well used particularly as the blank space is filled in with the strokes coming from the text. Si has used very simple colours, limiting to Black and Brown (background being white). As this is a commisioned piece the target audience would be that of the band’s target audience, so Scott would’ve researched the band and based his design on his audience. This is a very typical Si Scott style, hand drawn intricate stylised illustration.
Personally, i think this is a very good piece of art, i love how some letters have been done (in particular the C and A from ‘CAST’. However i do not like the brown inclusion used, i think this could’ve been left out or perhaps a different colour used.


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