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I have decided to go with the topic of forgotten for my exam piece. The area of graphic design that i would most like to work in is magazine cover design, so i plan to create a magazine cover with the topic of forgotten.

The word ‘Forgotten’ is literally defined as something that is disregarded, not noticed inadvertently. This means that i am looking at things that were once known or thought about but are now disregarded and ignored. An example of this is an old toy that you once played with but now is never used.

I will list as many possible options as i can and expand on my favourites;

  • A campaign for missing children
  • Restoration of derelict buildings
  • Providing care for the homeless
  • Litter campaign
  • War memorial for a forgotten war
  • Advert for old peoples home
  • Restoring old technology
  • Retro things (Video games, board games etc)
  • Bringing back an old style (70’s dress style)
  • Campaign for people forgetting to keep fit

Perhaps a fitness magazine, an advert for a local gym, flyers for group classes (such as group running). Nutrition/ supplement ads, campaign for healthy eating.

  • Disease/ disaster forgotten
  • Forgotten environmental issues (Deforestation, global warming, co2 emissions etc)