For my exam i was given the task of selecting a topic and creating anything within graphic design that satisfied the requirements for the topic chosen. There were 14 choices in total, each with interesting, random and unusual topics. I will review each topic and write possible ideas for each topic.

The possible areas within graphic design that i can create are;

Poster, CD cover, DVD Case, Movie Trailer, Magazine Cover, Box(product) packaging, Flyer, Logo Design,  Sign, Bilboard, Stickers, Website Design, Business Card and Corporate Identity.

I would most like  to create a magazine cover, however depending on the topic i  may choose something more suitable.


1. Driving

Car Advert Poster, Drink Driving campaign, safe driving campaign, green driving (eco), drinking driving packaging, car magazine cover or an event for some sort of race such as Nascar/ F1/ Rally etc.

2.Fish ‘n’ Chips

Advertise Chip shop, Fishing tackle shop, computer chip advert, fish flavoured chips advert (unique), chip shop sign/logo, natural and manmade, biological and technological, changing or some sort of fish food packaging.


The definition of composing is to make or form by combining things, parts or elements. This means that my original ideas of orchestra’s and performances are not the only thing i could do. Collections of images,  designs are possible.

Orchestra concert advert, concert players flyer, collection of images etc

4. Clutter

Marketing campaign for charity shops, garden sale, garage sale, city layout, litter campaign, psychologist advert, cluttered streets, cleaner advert, antique shops,storage solutions, glory in clutter, collages and layers planet cluttered or eco campaign.

5. Musician

Band, CD Covers, posters, festival advert, maksim mrvca ad, music, piano concert, orchestra advert, college music club advert or a charity concert.

6. Garniture

Garden Furniture, decoration/embellishment or garnish, food garnish, decorator advert, landscaper advert, cherry on top, gardener, accessories/bracelets, garden tv show advert, advertise a public place such as a park/ castle etc.

7. Forgotten

Homeless, litter, abandoned pet campaign, dead, war memorial, elderley, old peoples home, old technology, retro things, old games(super mario bros), lost children, lost awareness, disease/ disaster forgotten, environmental issue, rubbish concern, restoring old buildings, bringing back something old, a new 70’s style or derelict buildings.

8. Identify a local boundary

England/ wales border, rural/urban unity, boundary between people, indoors/outdoors, smokers boundary, no smoking sign,  or a social boundary awareness.

9. Capture a slice of life

Any element of life, jobs, journeys, seaons, holiday brochures, trip, life in a day (youtube project), job centre advert, the homeless or a 24 day in photos would be cool.

10. Explore another time/ another place

Past, historical places, castles, future (global warming), foreign lands, some cultures are like another era/ another world.

11. Twists and turns

Roads, maze advert, driving, self help, twists of the mind, twisty foods, slinky, spiral staircase advert, sport promotion, advertise  a company for twirls (chocolate).

12. Address Joblessness

Job centre campaign, soup kitchen flyer, magazine article on the homeless, helping others, useless objects.

13. Investigate fanciful habitats

Fancy themes, excentric interior designs,  interior design magazine, over the top home designs, exterior designs (house with incredible structure), home advert, hotel advert, animal habitats.

14. Record a twilight event

Sun setting, animal magazine cover, nature, evening meal advert, evening criminal awareness, evening restaurant advert, light on water, moonlight, romance, night out.


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