Photo Manipulation: Merging Photos

Merging photos is one area of photo manipulation where you take two images, one may be a texture and the other a photo of an object. Then you can merge the two to give the impression of the object having the texture.

I am going to experiment with an image and a texture.

Here is a texture of some rocks from google images











Here is a photo of a tree branch from google images








I am going to merge the two to give the tree branch the effect of looking like its made from rocks.

First, i put both images in a single photoshop file under different layers, next i duplicated the layer of the tree branch and one of the tree branch layers i removed the background, so that only the tree can be seen.








Next i pasted the rock texture over this layer and used the layer manipulation ‘overlay’ which gave this effect:








Finally i placed the green background back in, this is the final image;


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