Logo Design Research

For my poster and trailer creation i am going to need to create a logo for a production company.

Here are some examples of logos from productions companies

Warner Bros.

This is a very simple logo utilising a shield and the letters WB representing Warner Bros. The shield represents unity and strength, which is very appropiate as Warner Bros. was formed by four brothers (Harry, Albert, Sam and Jack Warner). The WB logo is internationally recognised and i think that thanks to its simple design it is easily recognisable and can go easily into posters and film. For example at the start of all of the WB productions there logo is shown, generally with an animation. However thanks to its simple design it can be easily manipulated to match the genre of the film. A film such as twisted pictures which utilises torn text and a spike wrapped in barbed wire cannot be easily altered for a kids film.

Twisted Pictures Title Logo

However, twisted pictures does not create kids films so it doesn’t matter for them. Twisted pictures sticks to horror, thriller and gore. Warner Bros. on the other hand creates action, adventure, comedy (predominantly) and fantasy.

Dreamworks Pictures


This is the logo for Dreamworks Animation SKG, their logo is the boy fishing off of the crescent, representing the moon. This idea was though up by steven spielberg (represented by S in the SKG seen within the logo). Spielberg asked artist, Robert Hunt, to design it for him. Hunt used his own son as the base for the boy to be drawn. This logo was created with the intent to be youthful as Dreamworks Animation SKG creates animations which are aimed at a younger audience (Dreamworks created Shrek, how to train your dragon, madagascar, over the hedge, chicken run and many more very famous animated films).


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