Photo Manipulation

A large part of my Poster development will involve photo manipulation, as the primary ideas that i currently have will require a lot of photo manipulation.

Photo manipulation is the editing of photographs/images to make them look how you would like to. For example you may manipulate a photo to make a person look skinner, remove blemishes or even completely change certain aspects, like giving a piece of fruit a mouth!

In order to create the apple with a mouth, i took two images from ‘Google Images’. One of a red apple and one a mouth with red lipstick.

First, i cropped around the mouth, as i didnt need the skin around it.

Next, i altered the colour of the mouth via the Hue/Saturation Editor. I did this to make the mouth more like the colour of the apple.

Then i resized the mouth and placed it onto the apple.

Finally i drew some of the apples spots on, blurred around the mouth to make it blend better between the two and i also altered the saturation of the mouth where the light hit the apple.

So where the apple is lighter i selected that area on the mouth and lowered the saturation.


PLEASE NOTE: The images i used in this experimentation were dragged in from photoshop as i was creating it. It wasnt until i published it that i realised that they were not valid image types, so subsequently this post does not have any working images. However here is an image of the final piece.











Apple with mouth finished version


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