Youtube Experimentation

In order to experiment with video production i have been creating comedic videos on youtube. So far i have created several different videos, i have experimented with different types of video. I created 2 spoof how-to videos and i am currently in progress of creating a music video with a song  i created with a friend of mine.

The how-to videos were simple, i used a tripod and filmed myself in the kitchen making something. I then took the footage and edited it in Windows 7 Movie Maker. I trimmed the videos of the bad footage and the parts where i was walking from behind the camera and into place. I also created a short intro for the how-to which involved me doing some ‘cookery’ related things such as chopping carrots, i then placed a title over that. The music for the video was very simple, i went online and found free-to-use audio that suited my video.

The music video was more difficult to create as i needed to write a song, create the music, sing in time and then edit a video that goes with the music. For the actual production of the music, i used the college’s music studio. For the video i shot some footage of myself and the other singer singing and doing various things. I then took all of my video footage and put it into windows 7 movie maker. In order to time the footage with the music i had to watch it and trim it at exact moments by pausing the video and dragging it to match the audio.

My Youtube Channel: YouBenTV


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