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Photo Manipulation: Merging Photos

Merging photos is one area of photo manipulation where you take two images, one may be a texture and the other a photo of an object. Then you can merge the two to give the impression of the object having the texture.

I am going to experiment with an image and a texture.

Here is a texture of some rocks from google images











Here is a photo of a tree branch from google images








I am going to merge the two to give the tree branch the effect of looking like its made from rocks.

First, i put both images in a single photoshop file under different layers, next i duplicated the layer of the tree branch and one of the tree branch layers i removed the background, so that only the tree can be seen.








Next i pasted the rock texture over this layer and used the layer manipulation ‘overlay’ which gave this effect:








Finally i placed the green background back in, this is the final image;


Logo Design Research

For my poster and trailer creation i am going to need to create a logo for a production company.

Here are some examples of logos from productions companies

Warner Bros.

This is a very simple logo utilising a shield and the letters WB representing Warner Bros. The shield represents unity and strength, which is very appropiate as Warner Bros. was formed by four brothers (Harry, Albert, Sam and Jack Warner). The WB logo is internationally recognised and i think that thanks to its simple design it is easily recognisable and can go easily into posters and film. For example at the start of all of the WB productions there logo is shown, generally with an animation. However thanks to its simple design it can be easily manipulated to match the genre of the film. A film such as twisted pictures which utilises torn text and a spike wrapped in barbed wire cannot be easily altered for a kids film.

Twisted Pictures Title Logo

However, twisted pictures does not create kids films so it doesn’t matter for them. Twisted pictures sticks to horror, thriller and gore. Warner Bros. on the other hand creates action, adventure, comedy (predominantly) and fantasy.

Dreamworks Pictures


This is the logo for Dreamworks Animation SKG, their logo is the boy fishing off of the crescent, representing the moon. This idea was though up by steven spielberg (represented by S in the SKG seen within the logo). Spielberg asked artist, Robert Hunt, to design it for him. Hunt used his own son as the base for the boy to be drawn. This logo was created with the intent to be youthful as Dreamworks Animation SKG creates animations which are aimed at a younger audience (Dreamworks created Shrek, how to train your dragon, madagascar, over the hedge, chicken run and many more very famous animated films).

Photo Manipulation

A large part of my Poster development will involve photo manipulation, as the primary ideas that i currently have will require a lot of photo manipulation.

Photo manipulation is the editing of photographs/images to make them look how you would like to. For example you may manipulate a photo to make a person look skinner, remove blemishes or even completely change certain aspects, like giving a piece of fruit a mouth!

In order to create the apple with a mouth, i took two images from ‘Google Images’. One of a red apple and one a mouth with red lipstick.

First, i cropped around the mouth, as i didnt need the skin around it.

Next, i altered the colour of the mouth via the Hue/Saturation Editor. I did this to make the mouth more like the colour of the apple.

Then i resized the mouth and placed it onto the apple.

Finally i drew some of the apples spots on, blurred around the mouth to make it blend better between the two and i also altered the saturation of the mouth where the light hit the apple.

So where the apple is lighter i selected that area on the mouth and lowered the saturation.


PLEASE NOTE: The images i used in this experimentation were dragged in from photoshop as i was creating it. It wasnt until i published it that i realised that they were not valid image types, so subsequently this post does not have any working images. However here is an image of the final piece.











Apple with mouth finished version

Youtube Experimentation

In order to experiment with video production i have been creating comedic videos on youtube. So far i have created several different videos, i have experimented with different types of video. I created 2 spoof how-to videos and i am currently in progress of creating a music video with a song  i created with a friend of mine.

The how-to videos were simple, i used a tripod and filmed myself in the kitchen making something. I then took the footage and edited it in Windows 7 Movie Maker. I trimmed the videos of the bad footage and the parts where i was walking from behind the camera and into place. I also created a short intro for the how-to which involved me doing some ‘cookery’ related things such as chopping carrots, i then placed a title over that. The music for the video was very simple, i went online and found free-to-use audio that suited my video.

The music video was more difficult to create as i needed to write a song, create the music, sing in time and then edit a video that goes with the music. For the actual production of the music, i used the college’s music studio. For the video i shot some footage of myself and the other singer singing and doing various things. I then took all of my video footage and put it into windows 7 movie maker. In order to time the footage with the music i had to watch it and trim it at exact moments by pausing the video and dragging it to match the audio.

My Youtube Channel: YouBenTV