Regenerating a Building

WNSC recieved a query from a small project group working on regenerating old closed down buildings that were unsightly and making them more appealing for the public. They approached our head of graphic design, Andrew Coombs, who then got together a group of 4 students to volunteer (Myself and 3 others) for this extracurricular activity.

The first thing we had to do was think of how to design it, we started off with the words Regenerate as that was what we were doing to this building. We then went on and thought up several other ideas including the crown which was the image to represent the history of Oswestry. The colours used were all very bright and appealing as the idea was to attract people. The design on the right-hand bilboard was to represent the sun coming out from behind the clouds, however we added some things in to make it more appealing and ‘graphical’. At the top left of the right bilboard is the WNSC logo as it was us that created it.

Before we begun creating the designs we coated the bilboards with emulsion paint several times to cover up the chip board behind.

This is Adriann Piers and myself measuring the board to figure out how big the stencils need to be.

Once the stencils were drawn up, we cut them out and took them to the building. Next we stapled the stencils and spray painted the designs on. This was then left to dry for a day.

Once all of the stencils were painted on we then had some free hand work to complete. Above is Adriann Piers painting around the REGENERATE text to make it stand out more.

Here, Ruan Thomas and myself were looking for faults and thing to change.

This is all of us doing the touch ups and finishing the REGENERATE border.

Here i am, doing some freehand spray painting for the OS (Standing for oswestry) logo.

Here, Ruan and myself sorting out parts where the spray paint had bled through.

This is the finished project.

I feel that this project went very well considering the short amount of time given to us (under 2 weeks). I think that this project was a good idea and that more empty shops should have this done to them.


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